Learn Chinese in Shanghai

Aug. 2014, Alina just finished the exchange program for one year in China.She thought that her never have chance go back China to learn Chinese when her on the plane which is from China to Ufa Russia. She was very sad and miss her Chinese friends at that times.
But a reversal of her story happened soon.  In the middle of August, Alina get a very good news that there has a Scholarship exchange program from Shanghai Office of Education in her school English department national university of Russia Bashkir . She immediately sent application.Less than a month, the Russian school bully from their hometown to Moscow and then to Beijing, arrived in Shanghai on September 10.
Hear of Shanghai's "nonghao mandarin", Be Completely At A Loss , she just can tell the driver "pudong south road". While in study Chinese courses in shanghai, she had to completed at the national university of Russia bashkir 9 course.This is Russian bully’s microcosm of life and study in Shanghai.
This is not the first time to China, and from August to September last year, Once she and more than 20 Russia students, as an exchange student in Liaoning university to study for a year, and passed the HSK level five.When she back to Russia,she miss China a lot, in that there was a scholarship provided by the education department of Shanghai exchange project, immediately and in the application, get to Shanghai to learn Chinese again.
Chinese impression before to think Chinese people are wearing robes
"Before coming to China, I think the Chinese are wearing robes."Robes, said, is the kind of cloth in a costume play.This is she learned to see a movie, and she is one of the few "impression" of China.Come after, only to find that is not like that.
Alina, who has a high language talent, the tatar girl in addition to language, the first foreign language English has skilled, also a little German.Speaking of and China's fate, perhaps related to her parents.
Before coming to China, and her parents have been here in 2009.Her parents do foreign trade business, let them see China's growing market opportunities.
China has a lot of colleges and universities and the national university of bashkir cooperation, both the exchange of exchange students.In Russia, alina, who come into contact with many Chinese exchange students and made friends with them.In September 2013, she came to China, and Russia more than 20 students, as an exchange student to study in liaoning university for a year.
Alina who did not see the exchange as a play, the exchange students only have a class in the morning and afternoon have plenty of time to relax, alina, who are used to study Chinese.One year, through intensive reading, writing, listening, alina, who pass the HSK 5 of China.
Came to China, and their hometown have jet lag, parents busy home, every day, in the northeast is the middle of the night, but she will still wait for parents on the phone to chat with them for a while after work.As a supplement, she quickly learned to "nap" the way to take a break, she says, there is no naps in Russia.
Shanghai life hear "nonghao", thought have forgotten all about the Chinese language
"Less than a month back to Russia, but I thought has been completely forget Chinese."New Shanghainese "nonghao mandarin" let Alina, who was at sea.Go out take a taxi, the driver said she didn't understand, so we have to tell the driver to Pudong south road, also is the fountain of Shanghai han language school is located.
In fact,, Chinese is not bad.Although the Chinese have passed grade 5, Chinese level, still feel not enough, in the city of Ufa, Chinese is not very popular.However, she saw a China's future development, the Chinese will follow pop, she'd like to work in the Chinese language teaching in the future.
Communication, to Shanghai, thanks to Shanghai and Volga river distrito federal humanities cooperation projects - Chinese language gave birth to a full scholarship gave birth, this is a new scholarship program, by the Shanghai municipal department of education, and the project's first only a Russian exchange student, she will be in Shanghai for a term of exchange of learning.
Although had a chance to come to China to exchange, Alina, who also want to pay more effort than ordinary people, she is still at the national university of Bashkir this term 9 courses need to be completed, at that time, come to China, also is the consent of the English department was not able to attend.She still have to learn the 9 courses this semester, and to take the test.
"I bought my ticket to China on September 9, 12 aircraft, 9 o 'clock in the morning and the last exam."Alina, who said, attended the exam, she immediately rushed to the airport, but no delays.In Shanghai exchange of learning, Alina, who learned Chinese in the morning, afternoon to learn Bashkir national university courses, go out every day, the bag will be filled with one or two textbook.
Came to Shanghai, Alina, who need to adapt to the environment here, there's a northeast restaurant near schools, Alina, who can eat to there favorite potatoes, but she has not been able to accept Shanghai sweet greasy greasy food.
To Shanghai for 3 months, there will be two friends come to Shanghai again, this is her friends in the northeast of China.In February, the exchange of learning Chinese in Shanghai, will end.When she returned to Russia, when a Chinese teacher this dream, may be no longer distant.