Learn Chinese in Shanghai: Let’s Flip the Classroom Together

As the needs and demands of the students grow, online educational tools are getting varied and more popular. Traditional methods no longer can serve and meet the interests of all the learners of different age, different background and with different learning purposes. Certain techniques fail to be effective for some language learners and, at the same time, are extremely useful for others. Mandarin learning requires a lot of time and effort, but not all the students are always able to spare a great deal of their time on the classroom studying. Therefore, modern language centers are facing numerous challenges and have to seek for some new opportunities to make the learning process efficient for everyone. They are bringing new revolutionary methods into the process of the education, improving it all the time. Numerous teaching techniques have already been successfully implemented in the learning process contributing to the overall education quality and reaching the goals faster. Flipped Classroom as a new learning concept has become a frequently mentioned term in the educational circles. Flipped Classroom model aims at adjusting the time in and outside of classroom therefore makes learning learner-focused instead of teacher-centered. Students in the program are encouraged to actively focus on the learning process, to obtain better understanding of the target culture, and to prepare together for local and global challenges. The roles of the teacher and students are not fixed anymore giving the educational process the flexibility and opportunity to adjust fitting everyone’s interests entirely.

Flipped classroom, as a revolutionary educational concept, aims at making learning more flexible, involving and learner-focused, while emphasizing the importance of time and individual circumstances of different students.. With the wide spread of the Internet and the application of computer technology in the educational field, Flipped Classroom model is known and practiced by more educators. Under this model, students can approach knowledge from different means, without simply relying on what the teachers have imparted. The roles of classrooms and teachers have changed. Most of the students nowadays have jobs and everyday errands, thus can’t spend that much time in the classroom every day.

They are now given the opportunity to study and revise the material at home, or even whenever they have free time using some modern phone apps and different tools for self-studying. It is well-known that revision and preparation to the class prior to the lesson can benefit the student tremendously. The time spent in the classroom is usually limited. The students are given the freedom to have some self-studying with the help of materials that were developed by the teacher for better material comprehension. Therefore, the classroom time is used more productively, when students have some preparation done and have learned all the new words, the time will be used to practice their skills and utilize them in the best possible way. The teacher doesn’t spend time to introduce the new vocabulary because students are already familiar with it, they only will learn how to use the words and grammar structures properly.

In Shanghai Chinese schools, it is always a frequently discussed topic concerning the ways to make the best use of precious classroom time. This is very important for language learners whose aim is to master Mandarin in a short term, as it might not be very effective for adults to learn through repetition the way kid learners are often taught. The learning of vocabulary and grammar structures will require mature cognition which in turn will enable adult learners to understand and master a foreign language in an easier way. The learning of language rules will aim at having students produce more language and expressions. However, the teaching of linguistic knowledge will take up too much time in the classroom, which left insufficient time for practice. It has been proven that sufficient time spent on the preparation of the material that will be learned in the classroom prior to the lesson can be very helpful for the students and save a lot of time since they are familiar with the content of the lesson.

Mandarin Spring Shanghai Chinese School targets mainly at adult clients. Combining Flipped Classroom concept and age appropriate teaching methods, Mandarin Spring never stops to explore ways to reconstruct Chinese learning. Teachers will no longer occupy too much time in the classroom imparting linguistic knowledge. Learning needs of our students are often affected by their busy schedules and personal lives. They are no longer able to devote as much time to the classroom learning as before. It has become highly appreciated to utilize the modern tools available for the most of our students. Learning process has been so flexible because students can learn while commuting to their working place, having lunch or revise during a coffee break. Some students need to improve their Mandarin skills because of their professional requirements and career goals, as their job is already taking most of the time, it is unreasonable to expect that they will be able to spend so much time studying. Instead, students will take initiative outside of class and complete the memorization part of the learning process. If they acquire all the new words and structures, teacher can flip the classroom and start practicing right away, Time spent in the classroom will be for students to digest course readers, watch videos, discuss in groups, involve in activities or practice in language corners. These activities will serve as supplements and extensions to the knowledge imparted. Students will practice and acquire Mandarin in authentic situations. Teachers will also be able to spend more time communicating with individual students, and to take more responsibility in understanding students’ needs. All these will allow teachers to better guide students when applying what students have learned. Don’t hesitate then! Learn Chinese in Shanghai, join Mandarin Spring Shanghai Chinese School and let’s flip the classrooms! You will find a more effective way to reach your language goals! You can reach your learning goals twice faster with our scientifically-proven linguistic methods and personalized study plan.